Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-06 10:34 AM
    Could elaborate why you say this is about I140? I couldnt derive that from the posting. Anyhow this whole this is utter nonsense from the immigration department. I dont think there will be any action, period.
    The whole thing is written as if June 2007 happened by mistake, I dont buy that.

    If publisher understand meaning of Petition vs Application then I 140 is petition which can be approved or denied and doesnot need adjuction. While I 485 is a visa application by individual which can be adjucted if visas are available and petition has been approved.

    But here they are talking both words in same sentence. It could be they approved 75k I 140 and adjucted those many 485s. and their goal to have only 55k I 140 on hand.

    Still they can approve 65k I 485 from pending backlog. ( 75 + 65 = 140k ). So my understanding is from previous backlog they approved 75k I 140 + I 485. Still 65k visas are left . if these many visas are left then I dont think dates for Eb2 india will go near to 2005.

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  • nirdlalegcade
    02-26 12:37 PM
    what if my I-485 is July 20, 2007 (it is processing), how long will it take before they can send my GC to me?

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  • fran5477
    02-19 11:24 AM
    I am curious to know on what basis was your case approved? maybe it was USCIS mistake? Like I wrote before we sent my case twice with the bright colored paper and to a supervisor and twice they said it had the incorrect fees (originally) and then that there where no numbers available and to wait to PD to be current.
    What I heard is that only if THEY make a mistake the 485 gets approved. Also if the check bounces, other than that I have been there and done that and nothing.

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  • logiclife
    08-03 07:23 PM
    Hi logiclife,

    I agree with you. You're spot on. My other friend, please take a note of Logiclife's comments.

    Do you have any sections from USCIS, which states that there is no need of job duties on the experience letter and just the job title and dates of employment will suffice. much appreciated. Thx.

    No, I dont have any code or INA section for that. And I never said that just the job title and dates of employment will suffice. No, that wont suffice, coz that only shows what happened in the past. The employer letter is supposed to assure USCIS that the job offer is still valid and if USCIS gives you greencard then the employer is still offering employment which was the basis for filing greencard. The future component is a must. What happened in past and what happened so far (up until 485 filing) is irrelevant. Therefore just the title and dates of employment ARE NOT ENOUGH.

    What is relevant is the job described in labor cert is still available to you IN FUTURE and whether employer is willing to say it on a letter to USCIS that "Hey, take care of this guy's 485 coz I still plan to hire him on XYZ position IN FUTURE ".

    I am telling you from my own experience with what my lawyer had prepared for my HR to sign.

    My employer's letter simply states that A) they will pay me X amount at the minimum (which is my current salary) and B) the job is still being offered as per job described in ETA 750 and I-140.

    That covers everything. Labor cert has job description. 140 has other credentials. If a letter with 485 says that job offer is still valid a per job described in labor and 140, that covers everything.


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  • wandmaker
    05-14 02:19 PM
    This is not a joke, we have received this querry, and are seeking some helpful advice.

    If you have worked on location other than what's mentioned in the certified LCA, it will be considered as an unauthorized employment, eventually application for adjustment of status will be denied on the basis of you engaged in unauthorized employment.

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  • rakeshverma72
    03-30 12:44 PM
    PD: 06/26/2006
    Category: EB2
    I140 Approved: 02/14/2006
    485 Filed: 07/02/2007 (NSC) -- Pending
    H1-B:- 9th year expiring on May 26th 2010
    EAD:-Valid till 09/2/2010
    AP:- Valid till 09/2/2010

    I work for big consulting firm - Lockheed Martin. Where they have different business groups under different VP. And Pretty much my project works as it's own company. And I try to maintain both H1-B and EAD(AP) valid.

    While filing my Green card I was filed under Lockheed Martin-Federal(Subsidiary of Lockheed Martin) and also I got my H1-B approved in May 2007(Valid until May 2010) under Lockheed Martin-Federal. End of 2008 my business unit's VP changed and so the name of Subsidiary with different FEIN and from September 2008 I work for Lockheed Martin-S&L(Subsidiary of Lockheed Martin). So for the year 2008 I got two W2 one from Lockheed Martin-Federal and another from Lockheed Martin-S&L. As I was working for Lockheed Martin and the same project since I have filed my Green Card; I never thought my case would be of any issue.

    But after reading about AC-21 I have following questions from the community

    1) In case above, do I need to file for AC-21. Or will I be okay at the time of my Green Card approval.

    2) I have travel plans in the month of June 2010 to Europe. Should I worry about re-entering US with AP.

    3) My lawyer is applying for H1-B under new companies name, do you think my H1-B will get approved with the new company name.

    Thanks a lot


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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-08 11:49 AM
    Given the demographics of the greater Seattle area in general, and Redmond in particular - I'm surprised "softies" haven't taken over the WA chapter completely... :)

    Hope to see all of you in DC..


    My wife and me have joined the yahoogroups for WA chapter, We are going for the rally, how can we encourage more friends in WA state to go? I know there are people willing to sponsor, provide part of funds, help with accommodation and so on and if anyone in WA has any of these limitations, people are willing to coordinate. How do we get the point across to all Washingtonian GC sufferers or people who just filed for 485 and don't see the bleak tomorrow. How do we wake them up all up? We have so many employers here, is there something we can do to wake them up from the slumber and mirage of filing 485? I must admit, I was sleeping too until yesterday when we booked our tickets.

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  • insbaby
    08-06 10:40 AM
    Didn't you know for sure that you were going to stay with employer before asking them to apply GC.

    It may be illegal by Law by asking you to give the money back, but where would you put your action of wasting somebody's money?

    Not sure the contracting terms between you and your employer, but surely he was not the one forcing you to join the company, its you joined.

    If he was ready to help you to get GC, ready to invest atleast 9K on the process, why would you think his money is there just for you to play.

    Of course, you have valid points by law, you may escape from the latch now, but make sure this is not an repeating event.


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  • martinvisalaw
    07-13 05:26 PM
    You shouldn't need an experience letter to apply for a H-1B visa, especially when the visa is for a different company. Eligibility for H-1B status doesn't depend on experience, it is education that is important.

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  • laksmi
    12-03 08:17 PM
    My wife is not H4, she is working on EAD and we applied her I-485 last July. She has to travel to India for an emegency. We applied for AP last month, have the receipt but it is not approved. Is it okay if she travels to India without AP approval? I will be here and I can take her approved AP when I go there after two months.

    I heard that if she travels without AP, her I-485 is considered abonded. Is this true? Can we apply for her H4 (as I am still on H1). Any advice on how to get her back?


    If your wife is having H4 visa on her passport and visa is still valid, she can use H4 itself to move in and out of country, no need of AP.


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  • rockets12345
    10-29 09:54 PM

    I got my EAD one day before my H1 expiration. What do I need to do if I want to work on EAD and what form do I need to fill and provide to my employer. As currently my Attorney messed up my H1 status. He sent my H extension to a wrong service center i.e. California and they sent the application back saying they no more process H extensions and we need to apply to a different service center i.e. Vermont. My H expired on 10/11/07 and my Attorney received the H documents back from California Service Center on 10/26/07.

    As I asked my Attorney to send the H extension to the right service center with a proof of that he applied on time but was sent to the wrong Service Center. As I don't want to abonden my H status.

    My only worries are what if H extension is not approved in that case what will happen to my 485 and EAD i.e. valid from 10/10/2007-10/09/2008. What will be my options then. As I don't want to take any chances specially at this stage. Please advice what to do in this case as my Attorney looks like is not that smart.

    Need some advice as to should I just start working on EAD and not wait for the H extension response or should I wait for the response.

    Any feedbacks are appreciated.


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  • desi3933
    06-12 01:37 PM
    Severance package includes all benefits including health care. As per the law no can be paid full salary with deductions being made for Medicare and social security, if there is no valid status. My friends have gone through this stage in Big5, they can NOT cancel H1B until the last day of severance package validity.
    Also remember that by law, employer has to arrange a one way ticket to the departing employee (not to the family members) to his/her foreign country and show it in record that they made all arrangements to send away the employee so that there is no overstay or illegal stay after severance package.
    I have seen this happening so many times
    If employee choses a different option to stay legally, that's up to the employee

    Severance Package is NOT salary. One can receive unemployment benefits during the period of severance pay. Please check with your attorney/lawyer. H1 status is valid until last day of employment.

    If one applies for H1 transfer during brief period (couple of weeks) after H1 status expiry, USCIS generally approves H1 transfer with new I-94. If the new I-94 is not attached, the one is required is travel abroad to get new visa stamp and re-entry into US gets that person into valid H1 status.

    One way ticket is provided only if the employee is fired or laid off. Please check rules before posting. No one-way ticket is required if employee resigns (or made to resign, as some may say).

    Also, one need to aware of the risk of losing PD porting, if the existing I-140 is revoked or canceled by the employer.

    Please verify details with your attorney/lawyer.

    Only a qualified attorney can offer legal advice and I am not an attorney therefore I am not offering any advice, only personal opinion and/or information.


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  • gapala
    04-20 11:46 AM

    My in-laws came to US last Firday along with my kid who is a US citizen.

    Their passport has a stamp that says Admitted on Apr 17 at Chicago, Class B2 and "Until" is blank. There should be a date that tells they can stay until this date.

    What are my options now. Do i need to let it go or contact some one and bring it to their notice etc..

    Any help is appreciated

    Did you check the I-94 attached to passport? I-94 will have the date until... as that is what allows them to stay in the country.
    you should find it on I-94, if it is not written along side stamp on passport.

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  • BharatPremi
    07-15 11:11 PM

    Just recently moved from Milwaukee, WI to Plano, TX (DFW) area. Just let me know what need to be done from my side. Awaiting eagerly.

    - BharatPremi


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  • naushit
    02-12 03:22 PM

    This is what I did, I just called and told them I need to do FP, can you please schedule it for me?, and surprisingly without any resistance they just scheduled my finger prints for First week of March! (yesterday I received FP notice,scheduled for fist week of March 2009).

    I do not think without valid FP your case will pass their , "ready to approve" filter criteria.
    so get your FP done.

    Good luck,


    You are right. My finger prints are expired and called several times and took info pass.

    Same answer, " if IO thinks need FP, they will send. Wait for their decission". :mad:

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  • gccovet
    09-04 09:39 AM
    I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before.

    My case:
    Currently working on H1 with Company CURR, on 8th year of H1,

    H1 validity Dec 2009.
    I-140 approved > 180 days,
    I-485 filed > 180 days
    Currently have 2 year validity EAD.

    Getting offer from NEWEMP. NEWEMP ready to "transfer" H1B. (Job duties and title same/similar)

    Question : If I get H1 "transferred" to NEWEMP (basically work on H1 and NOT EAD), and CURREMP revokes I-140, will this effect my GC process. I intend to work on H1 and keep on renewing EAD based on i-485 filed. NEWEMP will be providing AC21 letter which will be send to USCIS after I join them.

    1. Will there be any effect to my GC process in case CURR Company revokes I-140?

    2. Can I keep on renewing EAD even though I would work on H1 with NewEMP?

    I would appreciate any input on this matter. I need to take some decision very soon.

    Thank you all.




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  • manderson
    11-09 10:56 AM
    another good 485 stats website is this (THIS IS NOT A PLUG):

    this has status prediction feature also but wait till Feb/ March to get more accurate results when all the Sept/October receipts are counted in.

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  • BharatPremi
    07-05 05:00 PM

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-13 05:26 PM
    You shouldn't need an experience letter to apply for a H-1B visa, especially when the visa is for a different company. Eligibility for H-1B status doesn't depend on experience, it is education that is important.

    02-15 10:05 AM
    I like the idea. But, when I had raised a similar issue before, some member called it "like begging at Indian Temples".

    I know we Indians are very happy as long as something is free, but get very upset when some contribution is asked for the service.

    02-03 07:32 PM
    Hey there, I have a three year bachelor's (from Australia) and an American CPA. I believe the two can be evaluated to an Ameircan Master's equivalent. Please, check with your lawyers. It should be possible.

    CPA is certification not a degree so i don't think it can be evaluated towards a degree equivalence:confused:

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